It was spooky, honest as l walked across l expected a hand to come put of the ground and such me in. Yeah, l know l have a quite strong and curious imagination and this place was do special for in so many different ways.That fits Saturday afternoon in a red and white shirt against Liverpool saved my career which was close to tatters.I hadn’t played well for so long and was miserable, which was thanks to my ankle injury, Dave Sexton and Alf Ramsey who had recently banned me for three long years for being injured.Today it couldn’t happen as l would have sued them onto that ground.If in the USA l would have walked away with untold millions even for todays incredible amounts.The Victoria Ground should have been turned into a museum for those wonderful people of the Potteries and those who left the pot Banks and mines, gave a pint and get there for the only match that kicked off at 3.15pm The museum would have been full of do many wonderful footballing memories before the game went Global. So many amazing players and of course there was the Mattews testimonial where the masterful Tony Waddington brought all of those incredible football legends like Lev Yashin and Ferenc Puskas and of course Johnny Haynes my Fulham hero, to that wonderful ground off Campbell Road.Goes to show, they erected that Josiah Wedgwood statue outside the North Staffs hotel yet allow a place that gave so much pleasure to disappear into thin air.Every time l go past my heart sinks! Alan.
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This one’s for you Matthew I didn’t go to Stamford Bridge for the match as l was guest of Ray Baxter at Sutton United for their 1-1 draw with Walsall. It was a marvellous day out and not the first at this warm and welcoming football club. I experienced the kind of welcome l have never experienced at both Chelsea and Stoke City and when you think back (properly, sensibly and from the heart) as the most local Chelsea player in the history of the club it’s quite chilling as to where real appreciation begins and ends? The real reason l write this is l am staggered as to the not making a huge deal of this being a massive match, yet Matthew was not top of the list at Stamford Bridge, the man who lived and died for HIS football team. There was no mention of him as l sat with some lovely people (mainly CFC ladies and gents) and yet Matthew was not mentioned. I think that l have made my point as this gentleman plunged his very own personal fortune into the club he had dreamed of taking to where it actually went – although the club would have stayed the way it was when Jimmy Greaves, Peter Osgood and l joined them!I raised my glass the following day when reminded by my son Allen who had enjoyed a great lunch with Matthew and his father, me, ten days before this unforgettable tragedy- obviously not “unforgettable” for those who supposedly adore Chelsea Football Club, a very sad day for two reasons, but the main one Matthew not being at the Bridge on Saturday while others abused by the club sat at Sutton enjoying such a warm and special welcome. Martin Knight and l donated The Working Man’s Ballet – published by Martin’s London Books – to the club raffle and l picked the winner- and no l didn’t win it, l have a special copy of Tony Waddington’s aptly named title in my cabinet alongside My Turn (Johan Cruyff), Papillon (Henri Charriere) and My Way (Frank Sinatra)….Matthew – this one’s for you from Alan Hudson and Kevin Conlan with love xxxxx
Alan Hudson

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