The Modern World & a glass of Bourbon

Monday 1 February 21:I was up very early and in a daze though it to be 4.50am but put the TV on and saw it to be 1.50am so got up and took another sleeping tablet as if I did not sleep the evening comes to quickly meaning I feel like its midnight as soon as it goes dark, lack of shuteye. I do my daily writing as I await my vaccine at 12.45pm in Flood Street, which the street running and adjoining with the old Chelsea Swimming Baths. This is hopefully a big step in the right direction, we’ll see, but as I gave my mate some advice last week, “Keep positive” and then there was Malcolm years ago who gave me his diary and I wrote the same in HUGE letters.

I am now getting prepared for before and after having my vaccine and after that is done I walk through my buildings I top and talk to a nice chap who works in the Concierge office at the bottom of my elevators, the ones that frequently are “OUT OF ORDER” and he tells me of the following: Officers were called to reports of an assault on the Worlds End Estate in Chelsea just before 7.45pm on Sunday, January 31. When they arrived they found the teen with a stab wound and he was rushed to hospital by the London Ambulance Service (LAS). Police believe that the stab victim may have been knocked off a moped by a suspect who was on foot before being attacked. The World’s End Estate, Chelsea. A Section 60, giving police enhanced powers, was authorised in the area over concerns of reprisal attacks. It was authorised from 12.25am on Monday, February 1 until 3.24pm by Inspector McDonald. It is understood that the victim’s injuries are not life threatening and that an arrest has been made.Over in north London a boy, 15, was stabbed following fight on London bus and was rushed to hospital following the incident on Sunday evening (January 31). Police were called shortly before 6pm to reports of a fight in Haringey and shortly afterwards a 15-year-old boy was found suffering from a knife injury on Lansdowne Road. The child was rushed to hospital by ambulance but according to officers his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Three men have been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm – they remain in custody. A spokesperson for London Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at 5.50pm on Sunday, January 31, to reports of a fight on board a bus in Haringey. “Officers attended and found a 15-year-old boy suffering from a stab injury in the vicinity of Lansdowne Road. He was taken by the London Ambulance Service to an east London hospital for treatment; his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.”Police are now appealing to witnesses, or anyone with information regarding the incident, to come forward. They can call police via 101 quoting reference Cad 5555/31Jan, or remain anonymous by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.Elsewhere, while we are at home try into find both sanity and some kind of pleasure in our lives a man repeatedly was stabbed in ‘brutal’ attack in Kingston leaving him with ‘a long road to recovery.’ Heartbreaking tributes paid to ‘beautiful, fun and loving’ boy stabbed to death in Islington. A man in his 20s hospitalised after stabbing in East Ham and was rushed to hospital. London Ambulance Service (LAS) paramedics called police to the scene of the knife attack on High Street South, in the area of Newham, shortly before 5.30am on Sunday (January 31) following a report of a stabbing. When officers attended, they found a man in his 20s with stab injuries. He was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital. His condition has been assessed as non life-threatening. “Enquiries are ongoing” a statement from Metropolitan Police said. A young boy, 16, was stabbed and had ‘acid’ thrown in face in Hackney attackPolice were called at 3.13pm on Saturday (January 30) to reports of a stabbing on Rushmore Road. When emergency services arrived, they found the teenage boy suffering with stab injuries and facial injuries believed to have been caused by a noxious substance. On Sunday morning (January 31) a Met Police spokesperson said his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. So far there have been no arrests and anyone with information is asked to call police via 101 quoting reference Cad 4350/30Jan.This reminds me of my being hit by Ashgar Fatehi in the Mile End Road at around 9pm and my family not being told till almost 1pm after the police had let the driver go and then after one witness come forward, who was a friend of a friend, said the police came to his home to interview, they actually scared him into keeping out of it by asking him some very personal questions about his own life. That’s what they do. I spoke to another chap coming out of Mile End Road Underground Station, who was also friends of that friend of mine, and he’s been a very good close friend for years. What I am saying is that when I see these signs for help by the Metropolitan Police I laugh, after all isn’t it there job to keep tabs on what’s going on? CCTV etc. What makes my story so totally real, as it was not an accident, was that had that been me driving and even if the police had let me go without charging me I would have at least have tried to contact who I ran over, for it would play on my conscience forever. There was only one of two reasons why he didn’t one/He had something to hide apart from the incident and two/ he was guilty, because the police closed the case after allowing him to walk. If he was ‘Not Guilty’ then I wrote to them and said if he was ‘Not Guilty’ that makes me the guilty party, as you said I walked across the road with a mobile phone in my hand walking in front of that car, then come and interview me, but they said the case was closed. How on earth can they make a statement like that to the press if they weren’t there, they didn’t even say, “A witness said.” When I finished talking to this chap at the Underground Station, actually talking about my friend Johnny, he was the last person I saw before I out one foot on the pavement and was lifted off the floor, and threw into a tree, which my pelvis reminds me of each and every day – including this one. Therefore if you see a sign like this ignore it for your very own protection. After a short bus ride to Victoria where I like to look in the book shop of W.H. SMITH and get a few things in M&S after going to Nationwide just off Buckingham Palace Road, where when passing through I think of my father taking my brother and I to the Changing of the Guards on a Sunday, something I have never made any sense of, well, I did have some soldiers as a kid that I kept in boxes, you know something you wished you had kept, for I am a keeper of such things, silly, useless things to you, and to me actually but they remind me of as Dean Martin, and Perry Como, sang so beautifully THE GOOD TIMES.I was watching the racing on Sky Sports Racing Channel, and losing more than enough when in the last race I backed a horse that I looked at the night before and fancied, and as they came out of the gates my phone rang and it was Don from Egypt and he talked all through this mile race not knowing that if: Lottie Marie, the Lottie being one of our outrageous friends in Alexandre (The Boys in the Band) was one part of the name and the other half was half of my grad daughter Stevie Marie, trained by J TuiteJ and ridden brilliantly by Rhys Clutterbuck, claiming seven pounds, which was the difference although this young lad has a big future. Had it had lost by a head instead of winning by the same distance the it would have been the difference between the best and cheap Bourbon tomorrow. All’s well that ends well and even better than that I was going to back Watford at 13/10 – they started the match 4/6 – ten minutes into the second half and as I was about to press ‘bet’ Watford scored. There was no way you could see QPR getting back into this hard fought match and upped popped Charlie Austin, a player I like, to scored a nice header, a controlled header of yesteryear, as I think most strikers today can’t head the ball – number one culprit Marcus Rashford. To my delight Don’s old team scored again which gets them away from the relegation trap door, but Don who said he’d call me back at half-time from the bar we used to frequent regularly a couple or three months ago but was otherwise engaged – and who can blame him!So, it was a late movie again, as I cannot go to sleep thinking of football and racing results and what might have been and then there the other side of it, I take a sleeper to finish off my Bourbon and look at tomorrow’s, or later today by now, racing and football, which is quite ridiculous because in the morning after watching another movie, this morning was very good TIME TO KILL with the ‘Good Guys’ Samuel L Jackson (on trial for a well-deserved murder), two beautiful young ladies Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd, Matthew McConaughey (his brief), Kevin Spacey and Patrick McGoohan, the two ‘Bad Guys. As I finish this piece I’ve just worked out why I stay and put on another movie at midnight, so I can pour another Bourbon to take my sleepers with, I can think of worse ideas in Lockdown, after all I haven’t got a game on Saturday.