One day to surgery

Firstly, Bryan Robson. I received a call from Tony Jimenez last night telling me that Bryan was coming on our podcast, what a wonderful surprise as I am one of his biggest, if not his biggest fans. This is like Parkinson luring Sinatra or Ali. Talking of Michael Parkinson I watched his show with Sean Connery and who was on there also but none other than Boris Johnson, yeah, Boris Johnson sitting next to the man who made 007 famous while he went on to become Prime Minister and in all fairness had it been today although Mr Connery is an out and out true Scot, he might have just blasted the PM out of the studio with embarrassment.
Connery talked of his more than humble beginning, in fact, an incredible story which every young school child should be told as to him becoming an actor. It was an education alone.

I don’t mean any Wannabe actor or actress, although I’d love my grand-daughter to become a singer and dancer, what a way to earn a living.
It really reminds me of Bryan Robson, what we touched on, and although this bloke is like most “true greats” of our time is as modest as those I have met along the way from Phil Collins to Jack Jones to Eton John.
Bryan was on the brink of everything that changed certain peoples lives as he had turned Manchester United into a real force after the collapse of United, although Tommy Docherty brought some daylight as did Dave Sexton (both from Chelsea FC), but Bryan was the Master midfield player and “competitor” for both club and country. This was the first of many podcast that even presenter Tony (Jimenez) questioned my good behaviour, and my reply was simple, ‘I would always tread careful with such a Man’ and that is the truth of the matter as Bryan, as I said to him, is the only Man to be compared with the incomparable Bobby Moore, and Bryan sang his praises for Bobby saying he did something with a newspaper where they sat and watched England winning a World Cup match in 1966 (might have been the final?) and Bobby was “out of this world” as I have always said we would and could NOT have won the Jules Rimet Trophy without Bobby Moore in that team. .
We touched on several matters which were and are close to our hearts regarding both football and our social lives with his only hesitation being when I said had I played alongside him – after he mentioned Ray Wilkins – I would have made him an ever better player. But that’s me being me and meaning it in a away that how I would have loved to have played alongside him. There’s one thing for sure there were not many players who could improve my game, but he would have been one – if not the only.
So, look out for a great podcast which I can only say we can perform again at a later date covering more issues because when you’re talking to someone like Bryan Robson it would be hosting a show, as I said, with Frank and asking him his favourite song. It would be as the great Perry Como Sang: It’s Impossible!