Oh what a night!

Thursday 28 January 21: Yesterday’s excitement and the almost impossible that happened throughout the day must have took its toll like never before. 1/I have played three matches in four days on the most diabolical of surfaces, the pitches or fields that the majority of people could or will never see or experience. 2/I have been on benders, especially when my uncle George and cousin Harry Yewings were at the top of their game when, you might say, running Earls Court not the Underground Station but the place where they had the Dog Show, the Royal Tournament (my favourite times there in the tents (home made bars) of those Fleet Air Arm Gun Runners and then there was the fantastic shows, where we’d have our very own balcony while Rod Stewart was showing his footballing skills on the stage down below while we partied all the way through it – that apart, l also had a memorable one-on-one with Elton John, with the help of his side and (boyfriend) John Reid, who led me through the madding crowd to the door of, in the mid-70s, our greatest talent and just before entering his mobile dressing room l could not resist hugging and stealing a kiss from Miss Shirley MacLaine, the living sister of Warren Beatty.Oh what a night, a night when l missed another quite special opportunity, but that’s another deal.3/Then there was four days at Royal Ascot with Alan Ball where we booked into the Skyline Hotel and took on a journey that would have broken a band of Hell’s Angels.Three months earlier the brilliant little redhead, myself and the late Colin Bell, who sadly left us a few days ago, ran the West German midfield to a standstill.I mentioned earlier about later on after showing Don Revie we were better than him took three of those World Cup winners Sepp Maier, Bertie Voigts and one other – l had no time for them as my German is limited – taking them as far as they could go, showing that AB and l could do, not what Winstone Churchill said about the beaches, but we could beat them on the Hallowed Turf and the dingy bars in the backstreets of Soho.My list is endless, but in all of that time l have never slept, even aided by so much booze and sleeping medication, straight through to 6.58am which was the time l pulled my blanket onto the settee to watch a show that had me thinking l was watching a film of my first marriage.After a few minutes l found School of Scandal and l am not kidding you it woke me before l went for the coffee pot, even though l have seen this episode before without recognizing what was unfolding at such a time in the morning, a plot that started with the husband ending a billion dollar phone call unaware his most stunning wife, only his was thirty years his junior, was standing there with a dagger hidden behind her silk nightdress.It hit me there and then l had seen this before and of course Jason Bull would soon see through not only the nightdress but the beautifully balanced wife who had planned this to near perfection.

I had one thing in common with the man who was soon to be shot and it wasn’t anything to do with his wealth, so you’re left with the wife.My wife came from South London whereas his was an everyday American beauty, like you might see standing next to Donald Trump say, and the husband ignorant of the dagger until she was denied a change in the prenuptial, stood from his desk and confronted her as she shrewdly began stabbing herself, only with such precision, you knew that, along with Columbo, although far smarter in dress only, Bull would soon prove that this shooting was no self defence. As a young student she studied Anatomy, therefore her wounds were a fraction of an inch from the arteries that would have been fatal, had she not studied such a thing, something Bull should have reminded her of being some kind of own-goal. 7.15am now seemed like 7.15pm and l pulled my curtains to come even more alive.Bull’s (Michael Weatherly) right hand man, and brilliant prosecutor, Benny Colon (Freddy Rodriguez) tore her story just like she tore her nightdress.What made this story even closer to my heart was that her defence was another beautiful woman, ouch, who was Bull’s lover from Texas, and what added to the plot was that she had come to New York and after they’d rolled around under the sheets she asked him for a favour which he replied, “I thought I just did you one” to which she said, “The other way round.” Well, what came next was a beauty as she had come to the Big Apple to ask him to take the case with her, the case of the guilty lying wife and he told her that he has signed up to defend the other side. She said, “I am more important than that?” and that was that, Bull slipped out of bed and walked. What was to become if you haven’t seen this show was compelling to the extent that here’s a woman being offered a hundred million to walk away Scot-Free, when the prenup was a million-a-year doubled each year, therefore after their five years together it came to $16million. Not enough, she had shot her old man in cold blood while handing him the gun as he fell to the ground, and could have walked away with that £16million, no trial nothing. As she lay holding her scarred body in front of Bull and his by now almost ex-Texan, she said, “I’m having the $6-and -a-half- billion, goodbye!” I then understood while a man as smart as Bull, and trust me he’s a genius under that most friendliest of exteriors, is living alone, which was a big part of both my story and his also.By 8pm my coffee tasted different from yesterday and with curtains drawn the light was now creeping through my window. Have you noticed much of these murders are done within a home with no windows, just a thought, being a wannabe film maker.Through all of this both the wife and her brief, who both could contest any beauty show, smiled their way right through the beginning of my day, but the wonderful sight of Jason and Benny having the last laugh made my day or should l say that it lifted my spirits!I don’t do Coronation Street or EastEnders as they cause so many problems within a household, as females (one in particular in my past life) believe the plot, whereas these brilliantly put together shows like School for Scandal, today’s example, really do have some substance and this show would not be as realistic without the ‘taking part’ of Stephen Spielberg, and l defy any Corrie watcher to question that?I just want to finish writing and hear that Harry (Redknapp) will be on GMB between nine and nine thirty talking of the Chelsea fiasco which started a brand new era last night with a goalless draw against a Wolves team who looked like the Portuguese were introducing the German to England by sitting back and watching a bunch of multi-millions frustrate themselves into a frenzy.I replied to Mike Cattermole’s email with my thoughts on the game which were more fascinating than the match itself, by far: Hi MikeThanks for trying mate, not a problem, l have been ignored by the likes of Ramsey ( banned for three years as well) and Revie so please tell Joe he’s in good company, no rephrase that, just say he’s in company, leave the good out, cheers AlDid you watch last night, l never thought l would see a German manage for a Russian owner against a Portuguese manager and Chinese owner, which tells the complete story of where our game is right now. Thanks Al read yesterday Jody Morris was heartbroken about what had just happened and can only say not as heartbroken (although I didn’t give two hoots) as I was when they refused to pay me the paltry £15,00 over three years that Mr. Waddington, of course it had to be him, not only promised but paid me. It is 8.55am and Lorraine tells us that Harry is straight from the Jungle, which is now his title, the man who once managed some of our best players is now either talking on TV about a different type of Jungle and although Lorraine just mentioned he’ll be talking about his breakfast with Rod Stewart, l can’t think Frank Lampard, his nephew, will not be brought into the conversation?We’ll see!It is now 9.15am and what astounds me is if you’re having someone interesting on your show, what good is five or ten minutes?How l would love to have been a male Lorraine, no running for miles for people who don’t appreciate not only you but what you do on a Saturday, and that goes to show that those that have so much success together don’t share it. Look at Sir Alex, you never see him with those that made history when breaking new ground, they might make the odd call or email but enjoy one another’s company, never.

The sad fact of the modern day game, whereas Don, Tony and I are always in touch for all the right reasons and the appreciation far outweighs the scales of the financial kind.How did the saying go and will remain, “We all go out with what we came in with, like it or not.”I enjoyed my bosses company to the very last sad moment but as sad as it was and a day where a reporter, who interviewed me later that week, said, “Alan, looked much the same, still smartly suited but it looked like when Tony Waddington died a little bit of him died too,” which was not really true, much like losing your father or your mother when something like this happens there’s no such thing as little.