My Life My Music-The Prodigal Returns

The 2nd Coming…. We re-visit the 1983/84 Season at #stokecity on this month’s My Life My Music the return of the prodigal Alan Hudson his Mission…. Impossible…. from being cut adrift in the bottom three the boys went on an unbelievable run amassing 33 points from 18 games … A banner reading “welcome home Huddy”greeted Alan on his debut against Arsenal. Hudson was back where 10 years ago he sprinkled magic dust and like a vintage wine The Guvnor had matured nicely to lighten up the mood and steer Stoke out of the rapids of relegation to survival on the Final day of the season ….. listen to us tell the story with six tracks that remind Alan of those heady days #alanhudson #theguvnor

With The Gabbie Cabbie

Produced and Edited by Chris Browne

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