My Euro diary

After my 8.30 show with Paul in Birmingham about the chances of England in the upcoming Euros, it was back to thinking of that wonderful song YESTERDAY. FROM THE WAYWARD LAD TO THE LOCAL LAD

The Derby 4.30pm Saturday: As soon as Adam Kirby kicked clear on Adayar my mind flashed to Graham Bradley doing the same at Cheltenham on Collier Bay with the only difference Adam didn’t have another hurdle to jump.

Both men “kicked off” by owners, who left both courses empty handed, left full of beans as champions.

If my friend Brad’s incredible performance was something of a different scenario – indeed – it remains something if in a movie, say Seabiscuit, a little hard to inhale or to simply overlook far-fetched, such was the wonderment of such a happening. Graham Bradley remains something of an enigma in a racing world that is far worse off without his character, knowledge and expertise. This really is a little like my days of playing for Stoke City while inferior human beings were playing international football, therefore I know the hurt Brad feels, truly!

I never hide my love for the underdog and here are two cases when a man can run and hide when given such devastating news, or in fact, rise to the occasion. Only “greats” can achieve such status and although Bradley, the man known as The Wayward Lad, was then at the very top of the scales, yesterday Adam Kirby tipped them towards the kind of stardom he has slowly been heading for under trainer Clive Cox. He has improved from an All Weather jockey to one who can compete with those on the Green Green Grass of Home and yesterday, after a previous day of typical English weather, it all changed as forecast and the sun shone down on the lad from Adlington, Cambridgeshire not far from racing’s HQ.

I had just frequented a delayed birthday drink for the man called Durham and headed for another function, this one with family members. I decided to go home to change both my way of thinking and watch the big race as it was 4.25pm and my mind was still going over another Frankie Dettori success story of the day prior. But this was the big one, the young lady of the Oaks, Snowfall, was being showered with kisses after her demolition job of the Irish and after watching the racing show in the morning, like in football, they got it all wrong once again, as it was all about Aiden O’Brien, John Dunlop, Frankie Dettori, Ryan Moore and a host of others who Kirby left in his wake for Charlie Appleby in those familiar Godolphin Blue colours – which looked perfect in such splendid sunshine. BLUE IS THE COLOUR. What I write will not tell you anything near the whole hurtful yet glorious story of two jockeys who as Frank sang: “Someone said drink the water, but I will drink the wine, someone said take the poor man, rich don’t have a dime, so fool yourselves if you will, for I haven’t got the time.

Sometimes I’m very very lonely, there’s only me to care and when I’m very very lonely I want someone to share. I’m going to drink the wine, I’m going to to take my time and I’ll believe in a world that is mine.”

And that world does belong to those who have to fight against the odds and adversity and moreā€¦.

Both Bradley and Kirby brought these words off the song-sheet and although there’s a huge 25 year gap it brings back not only the song but so many happy happy memories of the man being overlooked yet getting off the carpet and knocking his opponent off his feet, without a punch – which is called character and most of all, class!