11.30am: After writing this piece at 8.30am it struck me that at the beginning of the BT2 showing of this match they showed the first ever winning of a European trophy by our Chelsea team against a Real Madrid team who lacked a Pirri in midfield, even tough I am a massive fan of Modric, however as predicted Chelsea did a job on him in the first 45 minutes, but that’s not good enough as the match last 90 minutes and more these days.If you’re wondering about Pirri look him up on Google, he was a master midfield tactician and technician, if I can use all of the terms of today’s pundits. In my eyes he was a brilliant player who would grace any team in the world at any time, forget the old garbage of players of yesteryear not hacking it today simply ask Graeme Souness?

My main point here is in that opening of the show it showed Peter Osgood scoring in the final in Athens from the only chance he was served up on that evening where we had played on the Wednesday night before the Friday when UEFA could not decided after extra-time of the first game.This point being the modern game talks of players such as Werner, who cost a ridiculous amount of money – who the Hell bought him? – and our Chelsea team could rely on Osgood taking the kind of chance Werner missed last night blindfolded, and if he was playing last night Real Madrid would be out of the competition before travelling to London, trust me.What I cannot understand is ‘How many chances does one have to miss before scoring?’I look at it this way: If Werner came over from Germany on trial he would have been sent back to Germany long ago, plus the fact Frank might use him as a fair excuse for getting the bullet?This is something incomprehensible as the opportunity he missed six yards out with the goalkeeper scrambling on his line was just that: incomprehensible! 8.30am: Had a long day at John’s (Durham) which looked at one stage as if l was both spot on about Chelsea and John and l would win money when Pulisic hit a terrific first goal, but Chelsea defended badly on the equalizer even though Benzema took it brilliantly.I immediately said to John ‘Swap Werner for Benzema and Chelsea win by three or four goals,’ and after the match it was repeated by a certain pundit. Last night l thought Tuchel got it right but he admitted he messed up for one/he should have brought Werner off at half-time and two/it was obvious Mount and the brilliant Kante, who played like three men, needed fresh legs alongside them.Yeah, after a restless night in slumber, nothing new, I woke thinking Tuchel did get it wrong, and this was not in hindsight as he knows his players and he made the age old excuse of tiredness after the tough match at West Ham, something I can understand in our day when we only had sixteen players to choose from but today they have half that number on the bench. Sorry Thomas, poor excuse use your substitutes better, or as in class MUST DO BETTER!Thinking back to 1971 when we played two finals in three nights against Real Madrid, when three of our players were worse for wear on the Thursday, we got stronger as Real pressed for the equalizer.

This makes a mockery of today’s fitness issue, and l always go back to Easter when we played three matches in that four day period on three different pitches, hard, bumpy and muddy yet still produced.In a nutshell, and you can make as many excuses you want, Werner is simply not up to the required standard in world football, he looks like a little boy lost and as I said earlier, or later in fact, he is simply not good enough as we were only talking of Jimmy Greaves a couple of days ago and for those of you who experience Jimmy would have to agree with me Chelsea present day supporter or not. .Sorry to bring Harry Kane into this again, and then there’s the man who defied Chelsea last night, a real front man of the highest order.