Dear Sky..

Please let Souness and Keane have their own show, and of course they need a punchbag, Micah Richards, the three of them are like watching those shows from years ago only they can’t use the language.These three are a class act, and you are wasting them talking about football, mainly because only two of them know anything about what their on there for.In comes Micah, its like watching Frank Sinatra sit down talking music with Des O’Connor simply unthinkable, therefore so very watchable, please let them have their own hour show, I promise you’ll get record viewers.Many thanks Alan Hudson.

I now look at the football and try to work out the match last night between the Premiership’s top two at Anfield where Liverpool had Manchester United pinned in their own half for the first 45 minutes without really look like scoring, with the difference being the chances falling for the Brazilian and the Egyptian instead of the most dangerous front player possibly in the world, Mane being that man, a player who not only terrorizes defences but when not in possession his work ethic is second to none.It actually is more entertaining in the studio at half time where Graeme Souness and Roy Keane, very tongue in cheek, are l’m almost certain taking the ‘hit and miss’ out of Micah Richards, and l’m thinking of being there and bursting out laughing as Souness in particular is holding his breath trying not to laugh.It was like the Two Ronnie’s interviewing Freddie Starr, only Freddie would have it sussed and played along whereas this poor – he’s not poor by any stretch of the imagination – young man who once looked like becoming a good player but was just short of top class at both Spurs and Manchester City.Should have been a comedian, which at times he was at Spurs!It was ten minutes of great fun and then back to the second half although I’d really love to know if both Graeme and Roy discussed the situation because if l was the boss at Sky l would have to ask the question, “Is this a comedy or a serious half-time summation?”

The answer is obvious as these two great former midfield players – l played against Souness a couple of times, superb – but never Keane, although I’d loved to have.

I’d like to see them in back alley about 3am after coming out of some bar in downtown Harlem, then Micah might know all about them?Micah Richards changed his mind a couple of times at half-time and Keane jumped in with a quip which poor old Micah never got, much like many an interception. It was a shame the second half started by as l was so enjoying Souness swing on his chair with laughter in his belly, my goodness, leave the poor boy alone, or you bosses on Sky put Micah on another channel maybe with the girls interviewing, l think that will be more his forte.Only maybe? ..