Chris Browne

In The Begining And The Speedway Tavern

Around 12 years ago, myself and a buddy Michael Harris had a stupid idea to start broadcasting live to a few speedway fans, in fact they were Birmingham fans ( Brummie Speedway Fans) It didnt really take off as we thought it would at the begining, actually it took a while before we beat our record audience of 6 people and a dog.. Then for some reason it began to build to 12 people and a dog.

The studio was my garage, one plastic mic, a cheap computer ( works computer) and 2 chairs, after a while things got serious, we new the time was right to move up to 2 plastic mics..

The Tilton Talk Show

The year moved in to 2011, a few test broadcasts began broadcasting to fans of Birmingham City FC. The Forza Show eventually developed in to the “Tilton Talk Show” again it was a very slow start but after a while we begain getting guests on(Paul Tait, Ian Danter, Robert Hopkins etc etc..) By now the Studio began expanding to the rest of the garage and our equipment started to become reliable… ๐Ÿ™‚

Gabbie Cabbie and Mrs Browne

One of the origional guests Paul Collins became a very close friend and we developed a liking of all things stupid as well as a liking for music (albeit different tastes ๐Ÿ™‚ The Biscuit Boys was born and after many years of producing shows of a Tuesday Morning ( and having some of the best laughs ever!) The first few years consisted of mianly chaos but along the way promoting up and coming artists who otherwise would not of got any airplay at all, this really was pre podcast days and early internet radio.

The Podcast Years

We didnt really used the term ” podcast” at the begining as we didnt really know what it meant but we did record everything! We sarted to get some woonderful guests, some of whom became regular guests and are still with us now producing some faboulus podcasts ( Terry Curran, Alan Hudson) with the Gabbie Cabbie.


SRBMedia continues to put out shows every week, probably well over 2k shows up to 2020, Some 60k downloads since we started collecting stats 4 years ago. Some shows on the Social Media platforms have attracted over 30k plus listens ( and rising)

Shows and more details and more about me will appear here shortly

Produced/Edited and or Presented

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