Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to our fantastic supporters who have stuck with us all these years, SRBMedia is completely run by volunteers who give up their spare time to get involved and produce these podcasts week in week out. But a special thanks to all the people who listen every week via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the […]

Off to a flyer”

Tilton Talk Show got off to a flyer with not one legend but two legends in the first show of 2020!, Tom Ross was joined by former captain and Blues favorite Paul Robinson , The show was extended slightly as to help catch up with the xmas period. Tilton Talk Show every Monday from 7.30pm Facebook Live, also […]

Hudson Snubbed

It seems almost unbelievable that someone as prolific as Chelsea legend Alan Hudson could possibly be “left out” of the celebration’s at the weekends event at Stamford Bridge.. But this did happen and came as a big shock to none other than the man himself, here in this interview he explains what exactly happened..or what didn’t..